Kurt Vonnegut explains our reality

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The lethal mix of spreadsheet morality and crony capitalism spruiked by psychopathic personalities pervades much of civil society .
To quote KV.

Psychopathic Personalities (PP’s) is a medical term for smart, personable people who have no conscience. PP’s are fully aware of how much suffering their actions will inflict on others, but they do not care. They cannot care.

An American PP at the head of a corporation, for example, could enrich himself by ruining his employees and investors, and still feel as pure as the driven snow. A PP, should he somehow attain a post near the top of [...]

Cat woman. WIP

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Catwoman. 2015

Young Man by JVW

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Drawing by Jim Wigley, after long travels, now in need of repair.

Head-life drawing

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Pencil on smooth paper-life drawing 2015

Life drawing

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Life drawing 2015