Pompidou Centre , 2010.

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Pompidou Centre, taken around May 2010. Not sure who the curious young man is.

Stree art Darwin

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Aussie posters Darwin

Artist, Peter Drew, is travelling the continent reminding Australians of their heritage. Some of the posters attracted defacement within 48 hours. Simple, direct and current.
More pics https://www.instagram.com/julianwigley/

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Strutting Lapwing

New feathers or cooling

These birds are two of the delights experienced when in the Top End in urban Darwin. But remember, the quaint Lapwing is vicious during hatching season.

Jim Wigley at work

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Working on molds for puppet heads. Photographer Unknown.

Part of photo series of Jim making puppet heads with Hymie Slade in the 1950s. The studio location could be at TV Channel 7 circa 1956 or earlier working on theatre props. If You have any info let me know 🙂

Me and Danila

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