19th Century technology

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Came across this diagram when researching building innovation supporting healthy working environments with ongoing running cost efficiencies….

Gallery sitting

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Into my 4th hour. Digital doodle


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Life drawing reworked through iPad- sketch.

Louise. Pencil drawing reworked-5 August 2015

Real world to Virtual showing

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Viewing 3D drawings

Watching the lack of inhibition of youngsters compared to adults on opening night was interesting. However my theory was broken during the calmness of a general open day.

3D specs in action

A “virtual showing” may develop via facebook

Opening night. Taking 3D drawings for a walk.

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Opening of group show of local artists from the Trentham area at the Little Gallery on High Street… running through August. Fun tonight to see the younger gallery patrons free in mind, able to enjoy looking at my drawings through 3D glasses.